FunFair Releases Dig It, a Game About Mining Gems

FunFair Games, a developer with a long history of building innovative games, has just released Dig It, its latest title. The underground-themed game is an exciting instant win title that offers the fun multiplayer gaming experience FunFair is popular for.

Fortune Favors the Brave

As with most of FunFair’s titles, Dig It is a multiplayer game with a competitive element. The gameplay sees eight players hop into excavation machines and race to the depths of the earth. The further down a player goes, the more riches they stumble upon.

There is a total of ten levels to dig through. Digging has a varying multiplier effects on players’ bets. This value varies from 1.5x to 50x during the main game and can reach as much as 100x during the bonus game. The rule of thumb is that players need to get deeper to earn higher multipliers.

However, there is a catch – if players are too hasty, they might hit a power cable. When that happens, the digger’s machine is damaged and they lose their progress right there. If a player chooses to stay put, on the other hand, they get to keep their current bet. In short, Dig It is a game of risk where players have to choose when to press on and when to stop.

The Bonus Truck Will Award the Worthy

As mentioned, Dig It has a competitive element to it. Eight players dig simultaneously and each one can see their competitors’ bets. This way, players not only play for personal game but also compete with their peers as each participant strives to make the most out of their bet.

In some rounds, a bonus game will kick in with the arrival of the so-called Bonus Truck. The latter will randomly provide one of the deepest diggers with a randomi ufa800 zed gem. This gem’s value can range between 5x and 100x. Even a player who has hit a power cable can receive the lucky bonus.

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Mark McGinley, FunFair Games’ chief executive, solemnly announced the launch of Dig It and called it a “brilliantly competitive multiplayer game.” According to him, the new title has a great potential to engage and entertain its customers.

McGinley noted that the best thing about Dig It is that it is straightforward and easy to learn, thus a good choice for a wide range of gaming players. According to him, both gaming hobbyists and long-time gamblers will enjoy the new game.

Dig It once again attests to FunFair’s commitment to innovation and differentiation.