Tencent Adds Poker to Tesla’s In-Car Arcade

Two poker variants from Tencent will be added to the Tesla Arcade, along with Mahjong.

Tencent to Provide Tesla Arcade with Poker Games

When you hear “mobile gaming”, you tend to think about individuals playing games from their tablets or smartphones but, Tesla is giving the term a totally new meaning. Tesla drivers have access to the Tesla Arcade, where they can play a wide variety of games directly from their car’s dashboard – and poker will be soon be added to the colle hot646 ction.

It was back in 2017 that Chinese game developer and chat appoperator Tencent purchased a5% stake in the innovative car manufacture. Now, the software developer willbe offering its expertise to Tesla by providing its cars with a suite of new dashboardgames.

The Addition of Poker to Tesla Arcade

As part of the new update, Tesla drivers will be able to play Mahjong and two poker variants from Tencent. Currently, these games are targeted only at the Chinese market, but there is the possibility that they could be made available to American drivers at some point in the future.

There is no word yet on which types of poker will be available in the Tesla Arcade, we anticipate that it will be the two most popular variants – Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. While it could be likely that Tencent will launch a simplified variant like video poker, the developer once had its own NLHE app called Tencent Poker – so, that variant is most likely to be one of the two on offer to Tesla drivers.

Other new games that will be made available in the Tesla Arcade include Stardew Valley and Lost Backgammon, while streaming apps and chat apps are already available.

These games will only work when the car is parked. The same applies for all in-car entertainment services, like video streaming. All of this software runs directly through the screen on the dashboard, and is operated using touch controllers. Players can also use wired game controllers to play games on the Tesla Arcade.

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Existing Tesla Arcade Games

The Tesla Arcade is already quite heavily populated. Drivers can play numerous retro games like Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede and Super Breakout. However, if you’re into more modern games, Fallout: Shelter and Cuphead are available, as well.

This means that the Tesla Arcade will soon have a very well-rounded selection of games. From platformers to puzzles to card games, the online gaming service features a diverse collection of genres that will make for great entertainment while you’re sat idly in your Tesla.