Valve Permanently Bans Omega Esports from Dota 2 over Match-Fixing

With the Dota 2 competitive season successfully wrapped up and the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit looming, at least one organization will be missing out the upcoming events hosted by Valve. Omega Esports, a Philippine-based esports powerhouse, has been awarded a ban from all Valve-sponsored events as allegations of match-fixing have surfaced.

The organization has lost its Division One status in the Dota 2 pecking order in the Southeast Asia Regional organizer, Beyond the Summit, a popular host of esports events has said. Without an approval to continue, Omega Esports

An update on the SEA DPC teams competing in the upcoming 2021-2022 Winter Tour:

— SEA DPC League (@SEADPCLeague) November 23, 2021

The implications for the franchise are huge, but luckily some players will be able to continue playing. Three of the current Omega Dota 2 roster members were cleared of all charges, to name Ramzi “Ramz” Bayhaki, Lee “Forev” Sang-don, and Liew “Eren” Jun Jie.

However, coach Chris “CTY” Ian Francis Maldo and five of the organization’s previous team members have been caught red-handed, BTS claims. Dave “Hiro” Miyata, Prince Daculan, Patt “Piolz” Piolo Dela Cruz, Van “Van” Jerico Manalaysay, Ryniel “Zenki” Keit Calvez have all participated in knowingly fixing Dota 2 games against opponents.

Out with a BANG, BOOM Esports In

Interestingly, Team Execration recently recruited Van as the team’s offlaner. They will now have to look for a recruit but will be allowed to continue competing in the DPC. Omega will not be able to participate, though, and it would be relegated out of professional Dota 2 play, giving up its spot in the league to Indonesian esports organization BOOM Esports.

This will be a step up for BOOM Esports who are going to move automatically from Division Two. Meanwhile, their vacated slot in the league will be filled through a closed qualifier on November 26 hosted by Beyond The Summit. 291bet The host has invited three teams to battle for the BOOM Esports slot for a chance to make it back into competitive play.

While Valve and tournament hosts have found a quick fix for the issue, the prevalence of match-fixing in competitive video gaming has become a more serious issue of late. Previously, the members of Dota 2 organization Newbee, were implicated in a match-fixing scandal leading to their permanent suspension from professional play.

What is shocking is that Newbee managed to win The International 2014, bagging a $5,025,029 first-place prize along with that. In places such as Australia, match-fixing in video gaming has become a criminal offense that can lead to jail time.

Meanwhile, organizations such as the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) have sworn to uphold the order and integrity of professional gaming and clamp down on fraudsters.

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