Sportradar Inks Multi-Year Deal with Chinese Basketball Association

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and Sportradar have signed a multi-year brand awareness and data deal to reach new global audiences.

CBA Looks for Global Awareness Opportunities with Sportradar 

Sportradar has strengthened its footprint in China through a multi-year partnership with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). The company, known for its rigorous integrity standards and actionable sports data solutions, will collect data from regular-season games as well as post-season and All-Star games. 

This data can then be transmitted to various interested stakeholders, including streaming services, broadcasters, and OTT companies operating in countries outside of China that cover the CBA. Effectively, Sportradar will bring more underlying data to interested parties outside of the country and make the league more accessible to foreigners.

Commenting on this part 7BALL CX nership, Sportradar, head of global strategic partnerships Steve Byrd, argued that the CBA has been one of the most prominent basketball competitions in the world and that Sportradar was excited to make it available to people around the world.

“Our data-driven approach and experience are what sets us apart in delivering the goal that leagues such as the CBA want, and we are excited to be partnering with them to deliver that,” Byrd added. 

CBA Elicits International Interest and Talent 

The CBA has become a focal point for basketball talent not just in the country but also in the international basketball community. NBA players have joined to reinforce the Chinese basketball championship with familiar faces such as Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis, not hesitating to have an in. 

Chinese basketball has been increasing its net value by attracting bigger viewership and piquing investors’ interest over the past years. A CBA spokesperson shared Sportradar’s enthusiasm and said the organization was equally pleased to establish this partnership with the company for an opportunity to boost awareness of the competition. 

CBA is equally prepared to reach new audiences around the world, and the Sportradar alliance is a step in this direction. Sportradar previously signed a partnership deal with NBL1, and the company announced that it’s making a part of its integrity service free to help sports leagues around the world address what the company described as “the cancer of match-fixing.” 

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