SOFTSWISS launches new Team Tournaments feature on Casino Platform

Top-rated online gaming industry company SOFTSWISS has announced a new feature for its Casino Platform titled Team Tournaments. The option gives players even more entertainment, encouraging individuals to play in competition amongst others. The new feature was added to the Tournaments Tool and is part of a recent update.

SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Addition

Team Tournaments can be found in the Tournaments riches777 Tool within the Casino Platform of SOFTSWISS. Team Tournaments gives players a new way to compete with each other. Operators that utilize the tool can increase player engagement and retention by offering this unique element.

The new tournament feature increases the chances of earning a win due to the contribution from several players that participate in each team event. The money is distributed between team members. Even if one player loses, the team can still win the event or earn a win from another player’s performance during the tournament.

Product Owner at SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, Anna Loiko, commented on the new element by stating: “We are proud to announce the launch of Team Tournaments for our clients. Based on the results of the Tournaments functionality research, we can conclude that Team Tournaments will be demanded among operators and players. The new functionality engages a competitive element and generates team hype, which is the foundation for a high level of player engagement. SOFTSWISS continues to update the feature and will soon introduce novelties that will make the offer even more attractive.”

More About Team Tournaments

The new tournament option will create up to 10 teams within the casino. Each team will have a certain number of players competing. The team members are allocated in groups based on settings made by the operator. The goal is to evenly distribute team members.

Research conducted by the Casino Platform team shows that the new tournament seeks to increase player loyalty and engagement with a gaming brand. Players who win are likely to play more at the site and even deposit more.

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SOFTSWISS research shows that the deposit count increases on average by as much as 20%. Deposit sum is up around 2x. Casinos that offer tournament gaming have shown an increase in performance and metrics over time. It is expected that the Team Tournaments option will further boost impressive results.

With more prizes up for grabs, players will be enticed to take part. It will be interesting to see any data released in the future and how the new tool has helped casino operators perform better as a whole, be it with more deposits or player participation.