Resorts World Las Vegas Enters the Esports World as It Partners With DarkZero

Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV) on the Las Vegas Strip is entering the esports world after partnering with DarkZero, a reputable US esports organization. Thanks to this partnership, Resorts World will host all of the DarkZero leaders, athletes and partners.

The Resorts World Logo Will Appear On DarkZero Team Jerseys

In a statement released on Friday, Tommy Padula, the Head of Partnerships of DarkZero, said that the overall well-being of the staff and players is the main priority and the center of everything that the company does. With that being said, RWLV offers numerous opportunities for all people affiliated with DarkZero, as it allows them to recharge their batteries.

Considering the fact that RWLV will sponsor DarkZero, its logo will appear on the team jerseys of Rainbow 6: Siege and Valorant – the left sleeves, to be more exact. Additionally, it will also be featured at the official social media channels of players and the organization itself. In return, DarkZero will offer VIP experiences at the Las Vegas resort, one of which is called Play with a Pro.

Play with an Esports Pro

Thanks to Play with a Pro, people will have a chance to compete with DarkZero’s athletes one-on-one and test their skills. Moreover, since the HQ of DarkZero is located near the famous Las Vegas Strip, people will also have the opportunity to visit it.

The CEO of DarkZero, Zach Matula, stated that the deal between DarkZero and RWLV will unlock numerous top-rated amenities for everyone that is affiliated with the DarkZero brand, current and future partners included. He added that DarkZero will remain committed to its goal, which is to become an influential as well as an impactful organization in the Vegas community. The partnership will help the company do just that, while RWLV will also record growth.

Esports Has Been on the Rise

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The world of esports has been on the rise massively in the past co lg777 uple of years. Professional players take the stage as individuals or teams to compete in various games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, Fortnite, Street Fighter and more.

Statistics show that there are around 223 million esports enthusiasts and, out of the total global population, which is around 7.7 billion, 1.9 billion are involved. That amounts to around 23%. Dota 2 is by far the most popular and most rewarding esports game, as the 2020 prize pool for TI10 exceeded $34 million for the first time in history.