PUBG Reveals New Update and Shares Plans for the Future

By expanding its presence on the European and North American market, PUBG plans to become a tier 1 esport joining CS:GO and League of Legends. The company also announced the creation of a new PUBG Mobile Global Championship and an exciting 1.0 mobile update.

PUBG’s Plan to Become A Top Esport

In a press conference earlier this week, the director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, James Yang revealed the exciting plans that the company has for the future. Yang outlined the plan for PUBG to reach beyond the mobile esports scene. According to him, PUBG aims for the peak of esports competing with CS:GO, League of Legends  and Dota 2. “We make plans for three, five years and we decided to become a tier 1 esport,” said Yang. He added that the company plans to become the number one mobile esport, but also escape the limitation which mobile esports carries.

The director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports added that the company wants to go shoulder-to-shoulder with League of L lodi777 egends and CS:GO and go even bigger. Yang said that the ultimate goal of PUBG is to become the number one esports game in the world. Although he noted that this progress can be challenging, Yang did not miss to say that the company made huge progress in the last three years. Keeping in mind this progress, he added that PUBG’s ultimate goal is not only a dream.

Growing on the European and North American Market

But how will PUBG reach the heights of CS:GO and League of Legends? For the last few years, while mobile esports are still making its way on the western market, they have skyrocketed in popularity in regions like India, China and Asia. One way to achieve enormous success, PUBG sees as developing more markets.

On that point, Yang said: “We want to make this ecosystem pyramid in other countries with our learning from eastern countries.” Having in mind that such growth is time consuming, he added: “Especially Europe, North America… they still, I think, need time to get used to mobile esports or even PUBG Mobile.”

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He assured that the company will continue to expand its presence and investment on those markets, creating ecosystems in each country. Yang concluded by saying that such expansion is: “absolutely an important mission for long term.”

New Championship and 1.0 Update Arrives for PUBG Mobile

Besides the plans for expansion, PUBG also revealed an exciting new update and a new championship. Following the end of PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero last month, the 1.0 update is coming on September 8. According to the announcement, the update features game play, graphic and interface improvements. The game’s lightning system receives an upgrade, the environment textures as well as character models and more. Furthermore, the user interface receives an update and customization options are added.

Focusing on the new championship, PUBG Mobile merged the PUBG Mobile Global League and World Championship and created a new event called the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The new championship features the staggering prize pool of $2 million. Professional teams from China, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Americas, and Europe will compete in the new PGMC championship which starts in November.