IGT Launches PeakBarTop with Sports Betting at Two St. Croix Casinos

IGT, a global leader in casino content and solutions, announced that its award-winning PeakBarTop cabinets will now include sports betting. The enhanced machines are now being inaugurated at two Wisconsin properties, namely St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake and St. Croix Casino in Danbury.

As the cabinets’ name suggests, they allow players to comfortably sit in a bar environment while still enjoying some of the best games IGT has to offer. In addition to the video poker, slots and keno offerings available on the machines, players will now also get to wager on sports.

The move will cement the PeakBarTop machines as a one-stop-shop for gamblers and bettors, allowing them to enjoy a multitude of offerings without leaving the bar chair. Players can furthermore engage with all offerings using the same gaming wallet, ensuring smooth gaming experiences.

The PeakBarTop terminals utilize IGT’s Total Gaming software. They boast an ergonomic design and comfortable viewing angles on a 23-inch curved full-HD display. Further equipped with Bluetooth capabilities and a USB port, the machines ensure premium gaming experiences for the users.

IGT’s PeakBarTop with sports betting functionality was awarded the Land-Based Product of the Year accolade at the 2022 Global Gaming Awards.

St. Croix Casino Is Happy to Pi kagame oneer the New Products

St. Croix Casino’s general manager, Loren Benjamin, said that his properties are excited to be the first ones in the world to offer IGT’s PeakBarTop with sports betting. Benjamin lauded the improved cabinets as a “transformative product” that will engage many players.

The GM noted that IGT’s video poker has been a staple at the St. Croix Casinos for decades. As a result, his team is excited to expand its deal with the provider and introduce its PeakBarTop machines with Total Gaming.

In introducing IGT’s PeakBarTop with Total Gaming, St. Croix Casinos are providing players the market’s most advanced sports betting interface for land-based casinos on quality hardware that they readily embrace.

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Loren Benjamin, GM, St. Croix Casino

Joe Asher, IGT’s president of sports betting, expressed his team’s excitement about the launch. He said that he, personally, has wanted sports betting on a Game King bartop machine long before he joined IGT. His dream has finally come true thanks to the new launch.

It’s finally here; now customers can sit at the bar, watch the game on TV, play video poker and bet on sports. There’s no doubt that adding a sports betting vertical to IGT’s PeakBarTop cabinet is going to be a winner.

Joe Asher, president of sports betting, IGT

In other news, IGT just showcased some of its newest products at the Australasian Gaming Expo.