IGSA Announces Formation of Cyber Resiliency Committee To Protect Online Patrons

The International Gaming Standards Committee (IGSA), the largest technical standards development organization, has announced that a Cyber Resiliency Committee (CRC) will be formed to provide secure online gaming operations. The formation of the Committee will reportedly be supported by proven gaming technology suppliers Aristocrat Technologies, Light & Wonder, and AXES.ai whereas the new establishment will be involved in creating standards for cyber security assurance of casino operators and their online systems.

Earle G. Hall, Chairman of IGSA and CEO of AXES.ai reportedly commented: “It is very inspiring to see IGSA Platinum and Gold members come together rapidly to address the alarming rate of increase of cybersecurity issues in our industry. Our members are clear that cybersecurity has to be a top priority for all gaming suppliers in our industry to protect operators and our industry at large. A sincere thank you to Aristocrat Technologies and Light & Wonder for stepping up to lead this initi kagame ative to improve our industry.”

Quick Industry’s Reaction To Recent Issues:

As reported, the moves comes just one day after MGM Resorts International restored its online systems from a cyberattack and around three weeks after Caesars Entertainment Inc. experienced the same issues. The Cyber Resilience Committee is set to prevent recurrence of the issues and ensure stable and reliable online gaming risk management and governance, as well as to provide a framework for the set of standards suggested to be followed to either prevent or mitigate cyber threats.

Peter DeRaedt, President of IGSA reportedly said: “IGSA is being called to lead a concerted effort to create cyber standards to protect our industry and that is exactly what we will do thanks to the incredible leadership within our Platinum and Gold members.”

He added: “This committee will solicit experts within our membership to create ready-to-use standards to improve cyber resilience. We are grateful that our Chairman, Earle G. Hall, has volunteered to act as interim chair, to lead this committee that we anticipate will offer much needed guidance and support to our industry.”

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About IGSA:

The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) is the largest organization involved in technical standards development. The organization is committed to creating and evolving standards aimed to help its worldwide members – regulators, operators and suppliers – to gain an exceptional competitive advantage through the implementation of its policies and standards facilitating safe and compliant operations of all stakeholders in the gaming industry.

IGSA boasts of being the industry’s most recognized hub for regulators and online and land-based casino operators. The organization serves as a cross-section point for multiple sectors and reportedly uses its protocols and standards to facilitate access to commercial firewalls for a range of gaming providers and operators.