FACEIT Brings PUBG to Its Platform

Tournament host FACEIT has been expanding its offer rapidly. Starting off as a mid-level esports platform, today the website has expanded well beyond its original intentions. Adding one game after another and hosting new and exciting events around the year. Today, FACEIT is adding PUBG.

PUBG Is a Competitive Title, Let’s FACEIT

PUBG has definitely been doing well when it comes to esports competition. The game may sport only a modicum of the popularity of rival Battle Royale games, but it’s definitely not lagging in terms of how well it has developed its esports offer. Designed by PlayerUnknown himself, the game has the distinctive vibe that competition and out-doing your opponents are fundamental to success.

Slogging through the swamps and taking damage from afar, crawling in the mud, and running through open-fields paired with the gritty graphics of the game quickly puts gamers in a mind that surviving is important – and it’s rather difficult at that too. It’s through that authentic competitive experience that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds caught the eye of major esports tournament host FACEIT.

We're excited to announce @PUBG is coming to @FACEIT!

? Fully automated Tournaments
? Rewarding Progression in our Leagues & Ladders
? 2,000,000+ FACEIT Points up for grabs
?️Seamless Game Integration

The Closed Beta launches August 17th!

? https://t.co/dNowBiyVZV pic.twitter.com/HIRuvFg3hq

— FACEIT (@FACEIT) August 15, 2018

PUBG will be officially launched across as part of the platform today, September 28, across Europe, North America, and South America. The company has worked on the integration since mid-August, allowing PUBG to be well-placed within FACEIT.

Even now, FACEIT is reporting some exciting results, noting that 50% of the company’s CS:GO players are already PUBG fans and engage in gameplay regularly. Tomorrow, September 29, another big kagame mobile-focused PUBG tournament is kicking off with the online qualifying round!

According to FACEIT CEO Niccolo Maiso, the integration process and results, therefore, have proven quite successful and well beyond the original forecasts. Commenting on the latest developments, he said:

Whilst we anticipated high levels of success with the closed beta, we were blown away by the positive feedback and the number of sign-ups. The integration we developed with PUBG allows players to be in a match within seconds and we’re excited to welcome everyone on the platform to jump in and experience our competitive battleground.

So far, it all seems to have gone according to plan without any unexpected last-minute developments and FACEIT remains quite content with the results.

Joining the Beta and Playing the True Competitive BR

PUBG has indeed been the better Battle Royale when it comes to organizing esports tournaments. The competitions hosted by Epic Games has been cut-throat, but PUBG Corp has been unyielding in their determination. While not entirely conceding market share, Fortnite has found a broader appeal with gamers because it offers more casual gameplay that doesn’t seem to be as heavily-focused on outpacing your opponents in terms of pure kills as is, for that matter, PUBG.

Conversely, PUBG has been more oriented on winning. Still, the PUBG FACEIT beta is quite exciting. Hoping over to their official site, we found a useful guide on how to sign up for the BETA that starts today.

PUBG is better-poised than ever to become an even more competitive title. Most recently, BBC presenter Frankie Ward reported that she is hosting a charity PUBG event on September 30. In general, PUBG and its community seem to be better-poised to claim real accolades as an esports title.

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