Caesars Windsor Casino Begins Its Search for a New Operator

The OLG’s Request for Pre-Qualification (RFPQ) will see interested parties submit their initial bids to bring innovation and growth to the iconic property. The casino is one of the most popular in Ontario and contributes substantially to the local economy, so choosing a future operator a vital decision that cannot be rushed. 

Only Experienced and Reputable Companies Can Apply

Featuring over 100,000 square feet of gaming space, 2,300 slot machines, 85 gaming tables, and sports betting options, the Windsor casino has established itself as one of the region’s premiere gambling destinations, providing jobs and generating tiger711 millions of dollars in revenue each year. The current operator, Caesars Entertainment, has performed adequately at managing the property, but their contract ends in 2025, necessitating the recent RFPQ.

The OLG noted that it would only accept proposals from companies experienced with managing a large gaming resort. Such a requirement immediately narrows down available options to a few high-profile operators. Caesars Entertainment can also participate in the selection process and retain its operating rights. OLG president and CEO Duncan Hannay was excited to begin the process and ensure Ontario’s lasting reputation as a leading casino destination.

Selecting a highly qualified service provider… will ensure the long-term competitiveness of the site while continuing to generate economic benefits for the local community.

Duncan Hannay, OLG president, and CEO

Companies that meet the OLG’s strict requirements will then have to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) elaborating on their plans for the resort. The ideal operator will have the experience, resources, and vision necessary to operate the property successfully and maximize revenue for the province. Finding the perfect candidate can be difficult and time-consuming, so the OLG started the selection process with over a year to spare.

The Venue Is a Vital Part of the Local Economy

Selecting a new operator will impact more than just the casino. The city of Windsor receives roughly $10 million in payments each year, and the venue is a valuable source of employment. The casino’s proximity to the US border encourages tourism and bolsters surrounding businesses, making it a vital part of the local economy.

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The company that wins the lucrative license will oversee the casino’s day-to-day operations, but the OLG retains its overall control over gaming in Windsor. Caesars appears to have an advantage due to its familiarity with the casino but other big players will try their best to offer a better proposition and take over the lucrative property. Ultimately, it will be up to the OLG to make the right choice.